Mindful Mondays: Just Breathe

Today I invite you to take a breath.  A deep, long, intentional, mindful breath.

Go ahead….take another one.  Maybe close your eyes this time.

Cuz sometimes in life that is the only place where we can find a sense of peace and release, even if for a fleeting moment.  That is just how magical your breath is. 

A breathing meditation from The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Naht Hanh:

As you inhale, be mindful that “I am inhaling, one.”  When you exhale, be mindful that “I am exhaling, one.”  Remember to breathe from the stomach.  When beginning the second inhalation, be mindful that “I am inhaling, two.”  And slowly exhaling, be mindful that “I am exhaling, two.”  Continue on up through 10.  After you have reached 10, return to one.  Whenever you lose count, return to one.