Workshops and retreats can be designed and customized to fit the needs of your community, group, or organization.  I specialize in topics that are related to issues of leadership, social change, diversity, and spirituality.  All workshops and retreats are highly interactive and experiential.  

See below for a listing of workshops and retreats.

Faith and Spirituality

  • Be the Change: Cultivating Peace and Compassion from Within
  • Holistic Spirituality: Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Presence: The Experience and Reality of Being
  • Praise Dance: Connecting to Spirit through Movement
  • Liberation Theology: Spirituality for Social Change

Social Justice, Diversity, and Leadership

  • Interfaith Student Leadership
  • The Power of Nonviolence and Social Change
  • Understanding Your Intersections of Identity
  • The Art of Servant Leadership
  • Leadership and Love in Public Square
  • Multiracial Identity
  • Holding Strong Vision

Higher Education

  • Interfaith Understanding and Supporting Students from Diverse Faith Backgrounds
  • Building Your Practice and Skills as a Culturally Responsive Educator and Practioner
  • Best Practices in Student Leadership and Engagement
  • Cultural Awareness and Building Bridges in the Classroom

There is an aspect of our vocation (teaching) that is sacred; our work is not merely to share information, but to share in the intellectual and spiritual growth of our students.
— bell hooks

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