A Meditation Dedicated to Women of the African Diaspora

Calling in the wisdom of…


Mother Earth

Spirit Sophia

Aminah, mother of Mohammad

Mary, mother of Jesus the Christ

Isis, Queen Sheeba, Nefertiti

Sojourner Truth, Septima Clark

Harriet Tubman, Winnie Mandela



And those we have not named…..


<Pause.  A moment of silence.>


We are their hopes.  

Born of their sacred wombs

Carrying legacy

We are life continued.


Collective callings

Prophetic voice

Tilling this Earth back to a higher truth 

One child at a time

One moment at a time

One project at a time 

One policy at a time

One person at a time

We keep moving forward.


Weary from fighting against, pushing back, calling out

Releasing the weight of this bridge on my back


Reclaiming my time

My power

My space


I breathe in a new truth that is mine to create


Breathing in ancestral lands

Breathing in the legacy we carry forward

Breathing in being loved

Breathing in being seen

Breathing in experiencing joy

Breathing in feeling beautiful

Breathing in the I AM.


I become. We become. She becomes.



Natasha Burrowes

Spiritual Director. Educator. Writer.

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***The visual piece featured above was created by a talented Seattle artist by the name of Shurvon Haynes.  It is called "Be Encouraged and Live". View more of her art at https://www.facebook.com/BWB365