Mindful Mondays: A Time to Speak

This is an invitation.  An invitation for you to speak your truth.

What have you been silent about that needs to be shared?

While silence can help us listen and cultivate a greater sense of inner knowing, it can also be painful to be silent.  To swallow your words, thoughts, and feelings day after day can be toxic.  There is a time to be silent and there is a time to speak. 

Sometimes we stay silent to avoid pain or tension that can come from speaking our truth.  Sometimes we stay silent because others are not ready to listen or we don’t want to be disruptive.  Remaining silent doesn’t keep the peace.  It sparks a growing turbulence within you and is felt at the subtlest of vibrations by others around you.  Inauthenticity is destructive both at the individual and collective level. 

There is risk and vulnerability that comes with sharing your truth.  We often hesitate because of the fear or the emotional labor that comes with authentic expression, yet there is also a freedom that comes with sharing yourself.  A liberation.  A release.

You know when it’s time to speak.  Don’t hesitate one more moment.

Be courageous.  Be kind.  Be bold.  Be true.

Pele: Goddess of Fire, Photo taken at Jaggar Museum, Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park