Mindful Mondays: Holiness of Life

Source of all Creation. 

Sacred Presence.

Bringing forth the Great Emergence. 

Darkness and lightness.

Energy and force.

            Contraction and expansion.



Life springing forth from the Universal womb.


And then there were atoms and then there were stars

            then there were galaxies and then there was the Sun

                        and then there was Earth and then there were animals

                                    and then there was him and then there was her

                                                            and then there was You.

In Her womb

            the breath of life. 

Emergence out of Holy stillness, once again.

            You were created.


13.8 billion years of life evolving

            you came through the unfolding

                        in this time and in this place

                                    for a Divine purpose

                                                to touch the world in your own way.


In remembrance

of who you are,

breathe deeply

and access the holiness of life.


You are gift.

You are miracle.

You are Love.

You are ancient.

You are Universe.


***Artist: Emily Linderman, http://www.emilylinderman.com/