Mindful Mondays: Keep the faith. Your miracle is coming!

In the Christian tradition, Jesus resurrecting from the dead was a miracle, for it couldn’t be explained by logic or science, it just had to be witnessed and received.  For three days, Jesus’ followers felt the most despair, dread, and sadness then they had ever felt in their ministry.  Their friend, brother, inspiration, and leader was executed by the state.  They were lost and didn’t know what was next.  And just when all hope was lost, the resurrection.  Jesus rises from the dead, reveals himself to the women and a movement is born.  Many Christians celebrate this miracle during Easter.

This sunny Easter morning has me thinking a lot about miracles. 

The first thing I’m thinking about this morning is how you are a miracle.  Do you know how many things had to be in place just for you to be conceived and born?  Your birth parents had to meet and “connect” . . . out of all the 7.1 billion people in the world they met and created you.  Then, even at your mother’s most fertile point in her cycle, there was a 20% chance for an embryo to form in literally a 12-24 hour window.  Then, out of a 180- 400 million sperm, one sperm and one egg formed a union.  Then you had to make it past that very delicate first trimester. Then you had to make your way through a risky birth process just to be in this world.  You are miracle and yes, all the human beings scurrying around you are just as miraculous.

Even as you embrace the miracle of you, take time to witness the everyday miracles around you.  Winter transitioning into spring.  Each breath, each step.  The sun rising and setting.  The earth spinning and twirling at just the right speed and angle.  Awakening each morning to a new day, a fresh start.  There are miracles in the mundane if we can just pause and bring our awareness to the present moment.  There is so much beauty and wonder in this life.  What miracles are around you waiting for you to witness them?

And finally, your miracle during uncertain times.  You’ve lived this life long enough to know that there is always a breakthrough during tough times.  I’m writing this morning to encourage you and to remind you of what you already know inside of you, your miracle is on it’s way.  So roll up your sleeves and do the work you need to do to climb out of whatever you are in and know the Universe/God/Spirit is conspiring for your good.  A miracle is on the way for you my friend.  Believe that and be a witness to it when it comes!

The song that inspired my blog post today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNmE7nsyz9c

Trey McLaughlin and the Sounds of Zamar, Remake of Sounds of Blackness, Optimistic