Mindful Mondays: Power Wielding

You see it

I see it

We feel it


It’s ugly.


Power laughing

Kicking and screaming

Lying and wielding

Power tweeting

Manipulating and evading

Stealing and thieving


That lump in my throat

That knot in my stomach

That ache on my heart

That foot on my neck


It’s heavy.


History revealing itself again

Old narratives turning into new narratives




It’s winning.


Go ahead then.

Let them try.


You know it

I know it

We feel it


It’s rising.


Power praising

Praying and seeking

Creating and healing

Power speaking

Organizing and testing

Resting and reflecting



That fire in my belly

That wisdom in my soul

That truth on my lips

That meditation in my heart


It’s stronger.


Presence is reality

Ancestors lifting me

Culture strengthening my spirit




It’s inside.


Go ahead then.