Mindful Mondays: Stillness


What magic is in the stillness of your heart? What hidden miracles reveal themselves when all the dust settles for the day?

We live in a time and place where there is a lot of noise. There is an angry chatter invading the quiet spaces within our inner lives. Outer chaos charging into our lives in an individual and collective sense....in the personal and the political. We need chaos energy sometimes. It stirs things up. It can bring about fundamental change. It can bring down the walls of controlled structure and order and what emerges is something creative and soulful.

Yet if we are seeking wisdom, well that awaits for us in stillness.  This stillness that lives within ourselves but is often overlooked. We ignore its steady gaze on us. The reprieve. The quiet answer. The small miracle. All resting in the stillness of our lives and available to us like long lost friends and undiscovered treasures.

So today, in the rush and the chaos and sometimes the sheer upheaval of life, I invite you to witness where stillness is present in your life. I invite you to take a moment and settle into the quiet of your life.  Don't let the chaos take you for its crazy ride....be still in the chaos my friend. Be still.